Monday, March 30, 2009

babies, roofs, and bills

A massage client of mine had her baby about 3 weeks ago. He is their first baby and they had been trying for many years to have him. Now that he is here, they are needing a bit of help at night. So, as if I don't have enough on my plate, I have taken on a night nanny job. I prefer to call it "postpartum doula" work though. They just have to get over the hump of new baby craziness and that is what I am here for. I am sure I will have a lot of fun stories about little Luke. More to follow.

The insurance company is making us get a new roof and man they aren't cheap. Since we bought our house "as is", we didn't get anything done to it so we could get a great price for it. It has hail damage and other patches that are not fixable without replacing. We have had three people out for bids in the last week. Today, one of my clients was here for a massage. He gave me the name of a contractor that he uses on all of his jobs. That guy came out about 30 minutes after Scott called him this afternoon and gave us a bid. We took it. I was half as much as the other bids we had been getting. What I am hoping out of all this work we are having done is that we can sell it and make a profit...whenever that may be. NOT soon.

Today I decided to stop all the paper bills from my medical expenses from coming in mail. I set up online automatic payments for all of them. Each month I get a statement in the mail it is a constant reminder of things I would rather not be constantly reminded about. That way, money can go in and out of my account and I don't have to have a piece of paper to tell me so. I found out today that the hospital that I had my surgery at cost $120 million to build. So that is what I am paying for....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NAIA final update

Scott is on his way back. They lost the game last night 87-75 to McKendree. They put up a good fight, but in the end they just couldn't pull it off. It was pretty close until one of their players went down with an ankle injury. He couldn't get back the momentum when he went back in. Scott has been sick since he got there, so I am planning to nurse him to health when he gets back. Lots of Vit C and rest for that guy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

what must they think of me?

I am, myself, trying to understand this passion for natural childbirth. This case took the cake for worst offense though. Read my blog. So, getting all stirred up on that, I decided to watch The Business of Being Born again tonight. Next thing I know, I hear a knock on the door. I pause the movie and hop up to answer it. It is our neighbors...the nice couple that let us borrow their pole saw in our electrical time of need. They came back to get their tools. He starts talking then stops, looks at the t.v. and says "what the *#@* are you watching?" I look over at the t.v. and I had paused it on a scene of a totally naked woman giving birth in about 1920. She was all drugged and blindfolded. (They did such crazy things back then.) Talk about embarrassing though. So, then of course I have to explain how it isn't porn and how I am a doula and all that jazz. They must think I am so nuts!

a bug's life

There is a spider crawling on the window next to two other moth looking bugs. I don't really like that I don't have a window covering on the window and I sit in this room late at night. Freaky really....And, I am watching a roly poly squirm on my den floor. He got stuck on his back and can't roll over. Isn't that what roly poly's are meant to do? Is that mean that I like to watch him suffer?

This is all keeping my mind off the games stats that are making me seriously stress. More on the game in a bit. 51-48 TW....14:52

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NAIA tourney update #1

It is 12:15am and the guys just finished their first round game and won 75-69 against Lindsey Wilson from Kentucky. They play again tomorrow night at 9:45, but most likely later. Their game was supposed to start tonight at 9:45 as well, but considering the time it is now, they obviously got a late start. So glad Henry was able to make it to the game. I know it meant a lot to Scott to have some fans there.

I am still awake because I just got home from the hospital with a girl having a baby.

Night Night.............

putting it out there

Blue Fire Moonstone Necklace

This moonstone briolette is stunning with the blue fire colors that glow from it. The trick was trying to capture it in a photo. It measures approximately 15x15mm and is wire wrapped using sterling silver wire. It hangs on a 16" sterling silver chain. Moonstone is said to enhance feminine energies (helping with fertility, PMS, pregnancy) and is a stone of protection especially during childbirth and pregnancy.

We only have a few of these moonstone briolettes in this size left! It is a beautiful piece and would make a lovely accompaniment to many outfits.

So, I am saving my pennies for this one, only $28 from Always looking for a little boost in the fertility department! :) When I lost the baby last summer, my dear friend Mandy, who also makes amazing jewelry (, gave me a pair of earring and a bracelet that promotes reproductive healing and fertility.

I just recently heard that only 50% of fertilized eggs make it. Doesn't really help those of us who are currently a little altered in the reproductive area anyhow. But, my constant prayer is that Baby Reasoner will make his/her way to me very soon. He/she has a loving family to come into...all in God's timing.

Have a glorious day! I don't know about your part of the world, but ours is bright and sunny. Gonna be a beautiful day!

Love to you all....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a day without a husband

I have to admit that I can get a lot done without Scott around. I do miss when he is away, but I sure can be productive.

Marissa and Francesca came for lunch. We sat on a blanket in the back yard for a while and opened rotting pecans from the pecan tree. Next time they produce pecans, I can save myself a lot of money. I watched a movie when they left (that wasn't productive). Then, later this afternoon I had a postpartum visit with a client of mine. I have had the best doula clients. She had her baby in February and today I took over the birth story I wrote for her. She gave me an awesome necklace that I have been having my eye on for quite some time. Thanks Claire and Ollie, I love it!!! It is similar to this one below.

Then, I went to Wal-Mart to fill up my 5 gallon water jug and got distracted with the mega sale. How could I pass it up? It was too great. I ended up buying a pair of jeans, two pair of khakis, a pair of corduroys, two sweaters, and a jacket all for the low, low price of $23! I know a bargain when I find one.

Now, I am waiting on the "post due" baby. The mom was due on the 14th. The hard part about being a doula is that your life revolves around an expectant mother. I had planned to go to KC to the NAIA tournament this week/end. Texas Wesleyan is ranked 10th in the nation and they are playing their first game tomorrow night at 9:45 pm agains Lindsey Wilson from Kentucky. The head coach was going to buy me a plane ticket to go, but I couldn't take the chance I would miss the birth. Good thing I didn't take him up on the offer. The ticket was for yesterday. I may plan to head out on Friday if they win tomorrow night. I will just have to make last minute arrangements. (If the baby comes first, that is.) Their game on Friday is at the same late time. But, I do feel very blessed for the reason I am missing all of this. I wouldn't trade being a doula for anything. It is a calling.

Well, I guess I will go watch another movie I checked out from the library last night. So far the two I have watched have been so-so.

Hugs and love ya'll!!! And, as always, thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a fun family weekend

We had a great time with everyone down this weekend. It rained and was overcast the entire time until the sun came out today about an hour before they left. We made the best of it. We are surely entertained by the kids. Jenae (Jacob's sister) came for the weekend too. We have so much room in our new house, it is nice. She took some shots of them today. I had a smudge on the lens of my camera, shoot!

We call these two, Mr. Personality and Miss Chubby Cheeks! They love taking baths together.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

last week in a nutshell

A HUGE thanks to my mother who came to help us move and get organized. I could not have done it without her here. She is amazing and wonderful!! She got here on a Thursday and left last Monday.

Last Wednesday, Scott had to miss practice to cut down the tree branches that were blocking the way for the electrical wire to be reconnected. He climbed up into the tree and was going to saw them down by hand. The neighbor two doors down must have heard the commotion he and I were making and came over to see what was going on. As Scott was trying to shimmy into the tree, I told the neighbor that we had to get the tree trimmed so they could come back and hook up the line. I had better precede this by saying that the electric company had come earlier that day to connect the line. When the branches were in the way, they left a note on the door saying that if we had the problem taken care of by 5pm, they would come back out to install. The neighbor happened to have a power saw and we borrowed some of the other neighbors electricity to cut down the limbs in the way of the line. So, we got the limbs cut by 3pm and I called for them to come out and they had canceled the order instead of putting it on hold so we didn't get power until Friday. I kind of made a big fuss about it, so we are getting a $95 credit for our inconvenience. was inconvenient. We moved in on Friday and didn't have power until the following Friday. I am not sure why Scott looks so cheery in the picture. He wasn't very happy about what he was doing.
Thursday I had a scheduled induction. This precious baby was born that afternoon.
Friday I had lunch with the girls at Rio Mambo. What a cute picture of Francesca and Marissa! Our other friend, Patty, and her daughter came as well. We had so much fun.
That afternoon, I went to Rachel and Andrew's house. Rachel was to be induced on Saturday and she and I were determined not to make that happen. Mom gave me some points to work on her and within two hours of being at her house, she was going into labor. I am going to write that story on my blog very soon of my version of the events. If you haven't read the story, read here for the version as told by her Bradley instructor.
Sunday, I saw Mater on the way to church. I thought I would take a picture to show Andrew.
Sunday afternoon I went on a postpartum visit with Rachel and Alayna Katherine. She is so precious. Have I ever mentioned that I love being a doula!!!
Monday night Scott was hooking up the washing machine. He was trying to screw off one of the parts and broke the piece off the copper pipe. It was about 9:30 pm. He couldn't turn the water back on after that. We went to Wal-Mart, but they don't carry copper so we had to wait to use water until Tuesday. Just as I laid my head down to sleep Monday night, I got a call to take one of the girls to the hospital for some pre-term issues. I ended up staying the night with her. I got home at 7:45am and went straight to bed. When I woke up at noon, Scott had fixed the pipe and I could shower for work. I love that my husband is so handy! Saves us some money on electrical, plumbing and carpentry, that is for sure!

Tonight I am going to finish up with my house organization. Heidi and her family are coming tomorrow for the weekend. I am looking forward to it, but have much to do before then.

Check out the GRAND TOUR of our home on the video. Excuse the mess, we are in process still.

Thanks for watching and reading ya'll!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

A Baby Story

Check out the baby pics on Bellies in Bloom. I have an amazing birth story to follow as soon as we get internet today. They are coming for installation today.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

last minute birth decisions....I love it!

I don't have time right now to write a post on it. We are at Scott's mom for lunch and have to head back to the house to get things settled before tomorrow when I am supposed to have clients for massages.

Rachel had her baby! The story is absolutely incredible. For her entire pregnancy she had been planning on a hospital birth assisted by a group of midwives in downtown Fort Worth. The day before she was to be induced I went over to work with her. This was on Friday afternoon. Neither her, nor her husband were looking forward to the induction on Saturday, but according to her last menstral period, she was 17 days post-due. Just shortly before she went into active labor on Friday late afternoon, she decided to have her baby at home and called in a group of midwives to come. Luckily, I had worked with that group before and knew them well. You have to read the amazing story on Donna's blog. I will post it later on mine.

Friday, March 6, 2009

power restored

Finally, we have power!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stopped by work to use computer. Going home to unpack and wait on baby.

I wish I could be cloned

Yesterday, I had a scheduled induction with one of the girls from the adoption agency. I went in Wednesday evening at about 5pm with her so she could spend the night and I left at 11pm. I was to be back at the hospital at 7am the following morning for the induction. I had to have a back up for me just in case my client (Rachel) went into labor. At about 5am yesterday morning I got a phone call. It was Nancy. (I met Nancy through my friend Donna. Nancy took her Bradley birth class. Anyway, Nancy is a doula and hired a doula for her birth. She said that I could shadow her doula for the experience.) So, anyway, Nancy said that her water had broken and she was in labor. I told her that I was so sorry, but I wasn't going to be able to make her birth because of the scheduled induction and because if I wasn't at the induction that I was going to be with Rachel. (Nancy knows Rachel, they had Bradley class together.) Nancy said it was ok, and that she would let me know how the birth went. Fast forward to last night after I get home from my hospital birth. I get a call from Donna about Nancy's birth. I hadn't talked to Nancy about it yet. Donna told me all about what had happened. It is in her words below. I copied it from her blog. If you want the full post, go to her blog. Here is an expert:

"First of all, congratulations to Nancy and Frank, from my class that just ended a few weeks ago. They were pregnant with baby #2, and very much like me, had an epidural with the first, got educated about birth after-the-fact, she became a doula, and wanted an unmedicated birth. She was planning a hospital birth and both her and her husband were very well prepared. She had all her plans in place. Her first baby arrived 3 weeks early, so she has been ready for quite some time, just in case. She had a doula, a babysitter for baby #1, even a sort of back-up doula, or shadow, to the first doula. Frank says she was supposed to be his doula.
Her water broke during the night, about 3:00 a.m., and by about 5:00 a.m. she realized that it was moving very fast. She called her doula who came right over. The shadow doula was on standby for someone else and had another birth to be at by 7:00, and since it would likely be many hours, she didn't go to their house.
It wasn't long before Nancy was making pushing sounds, grunting and the like. At this point, they were waiting for the babysitter to get there when the doula told her that she had two options. 1) Call an ambulance and have the baby at home, or 2) Call a midwife the doula worked with and have the baby at home. Thankfully, she chose the midwife.
The baby boy was born 20 minutes after the midwife arrived. He weighed 9 lbs. 9 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. And she did not
tear! "

Needless to say, Rachel has yet to have her baby. Unfortunately, she will have to be induced tomorrow if nothing happens today. She is okay with that, as she was due 2/25. Lots of babies this week.

I am on my way back to my house now. We have been staying at my in laws house since Sunday. I am ready for my own things and my own food again. If I don't get power today, someone is going to see "Evil Hannah" come out. But, we will have power, so that won't happen. :) Our internet/phone/tv won't be connected until Monday so this may be the last post for a while.

Thanks for keeping updated!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

electricity nightmare

Okay people, this is getting out of control. Scott and I got to the house at about 1:00 this afternoon. I checked the mailbox for mail. No mail, but a yellow card that said the electric company had been there and left. They could not connect the main line due to tree limbs in the way! Are you serious!?! At the bottom of the card it stated that if we could correct this issue by 5pm same day (today) that they would come back out to the house. We called several friends and referrals to see if they could do an emergency limb trim. Everyone was busy. Scott decided to go over to his dad's house two blocks away and get a little hand saw. He climbed up into the tree and was trying to get out of his awkward position when the neighbor came over to check out the situation. We told him our predicament and he said he had an electric saw. We connected three extension cords together and plugged it into the neighbors outlet. Scott cut the big limbs down (pictures to come) and I called the electric company at 3pm to let them know the work was done and they could come back out. They explained that they had cancelled the order instead of putting in on hold and they would have to put another order in for a service call. That means that we will have power on Friday now instead of today. I got a little bit upset. I don't usually get mad at these things because I know it happens for some reason, but I had had it. I told the lady at the electric company that I was getting very frustrated and upset about it. I felt that they should have put our order on hold instead of cancelling it since that is what the note said they could do. And, Scott missed practice today in order to get the limbs cut TODAY just so they could come out and we could have power TODAY! I paced the streets for a little bit. Luckily, the nice new neighbor has connections with the electric company and said he may be able to get it turned on for us today anyway. I had to leave to come to work so I am hoping Scott and he can get it taken care of. I hope so. I am not getting home until 10 or 11 tonight and I so want to sleep in my own bed.

I am taking one of the girls at the center to the hospital in a few minutes to stay the night. I am crossing my fingers that my client does not call about her birth while I have to be at this birth. My client has been drinking Castor oil today and doing every other natural induction method on the book. She was due last Wednesday and she is so ready.

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'll keep you posted about it all!!!

move update #2

We are told power will be on today!! The FW city inspector came our late yesterday afternoon. He was surprised someone was living there already. Apparently we weren't supposed to move in until the electricity deal had been resolved. I guess no one was wanting to take credit for missing the closing date and they let us move. He told us that some of the work on the house had been done without permits. Unfortunately, that means that we aren't sure that all the remodel work meets code. Anyway, he gave the go ahead for the power to be restored. I called the electric company last night just to make for sure they were coming out today. They will be there today between 8am and midnight. What a range! I hope it is closer to 8am. We are still at Scott's mom's house until we can sleep over there. I decided to sleep in until 10 today. Scott called from work and finally made me get out of bed to be productive. We have so much to do at the house still.

Yesterday Scott installed a closet organizer in our master bedroom so that we can use the space more efficiently. I spent the afternoon/evening organizing the linen/cleaning supply closet. Thankfully, I had a battery operated lamp to finish up with. I was determined to get that job done before I left. It was kind of freaky being in a new house with no power and not being familiar with all of the outside sounds yet. Hopefully today we can get a lot done. I am off to a late start though.

I am still waiting on the baby that was due last Wednesday. I have been so hopeful that she will not go into labor this evening or tomorrow because I have a girl from the center that is going in to the hospital tonight to prepare for her induction tomorrow. I have back up if I need it though.

Texas Wesleyan won their game on Monday. It was the last regular season game. They were undefeated at home which had never been done before. They finished their season at 26-3. They conference tournament starts tomorrow through Saturday. We will find out the middle of next week what they will be seeded at for the national tournament and what day they will play. I have a client due with her baby on the 14th. If she goes over that date, I am not sure I can go to the game. I may have to find out how to fly stand by and just leave last minute. I am not sure how to do that. But, I have the coverage for me at work to be able to go.

I am thinking that blogging is not being very productive this morning. I guess I better get packed up and head over to the house.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a move update

Thanks to some of our wonderful friends, we got moved over to our new home on Friday night. We had a few little things and some cleaning yet to do that we got done yesterday at the old house. Thanks also to my FABULOUS mother. We could not have done it without her. She really worked hard cleaning and moving while she was here. I think we surely wore her out!

We haven't gotten to stay the night there yet because we don't have electricity and here is why. The city would not pass our electrical inspection without an air conditioner. (We purchased the house without one there.) I guess it is because there were exposed wires in the space where it was to go. So, they wouldn't let us turn on the electricity. Sunday a client of Scott's came out to get a quote and today he came to put in a new a/c unit. Also, the main wire from the electrical pole had been cut at the house and the wires were coiled at the back fence. It has been a disagreement on who was to actually be responsible for that mess. Finally, today I called the electric company and told them it was an urgent and dangerous matter, and that we had live wires in our yard. So, they should be on their way over to connect the wire asap. I guess it takes an emergency to get anything done. Once they get that hooked up they can turn on our electricity on Thursday. We are staying with Scott's mom until we get all that finished. I will send some pictures of our home as soon as we get more settled. Send me an email and I will get you our new address:

It has been kind of crazy because I have been expecting a baby to come just any day. My client was due last Wednesday and I have been waiting on a call to her birth. I was sure it was going to be over the weekend. Thankfully it didn't interrupt our moving, much to her dismay. I am ready for her call now. I don't think I could have handled another thing this past weekend.

Tonight Texas Wesleyan has their last game of the regular season. They ended up being the conference champs, so that was pretty exciting. Because of that, they will for sure be going to the national tournament in Kansas City in two and a half weeks. I am hoping to go. I got some time off work to go. I need a vacation anyway.

That's all for now...more when I can.