Sunday, November 14, 2010

fall at our house

What a busy month so far! Eli will be 5 months on Wednesday. Yikes! Where did the time go? I hug him and give him kisses every day all day long.

The best advice I got during pregnancy was to let the dishes, laundry, and housework come second to taking care of your child, because the moments are fleeting. Well, whoever gave me permission to do that, thank you! Really. Thank you. I honestly don't care one bit that my house looks like a wreck...ok...maybe one bit, but my Little Bubs comes first during the day. We do all kinds of fun things like read books, sing songs, dance, go on walks, take naps together, swing, sit and play toys....

LB has three bottom teeth, he sits, he giggles, he screams with delight, and he says "mommy"..haha, okay so he doesn't say "mommy", but he might as well. Today be pulled himself up on his knees. He is going to be outta here in no time. Guess I better be cleaning and maintaining the floors more often if nothing else. I just can't believe how fast the child is growing up.

Lately I have been very grateful that it isn't last year at this time. Although, I was delighted I had just found out the wonderful news of my pregnancy, I was not feeling well at all. Looking back, I don't think I made the most wonderful pregnant woman. But, I sure did get a handsome little feller out to it all.

I am busy working on a website/blog that I am hoping to launch by January 1st. My lovely friend Val took some beautiful and amazing pictures for the site and some of our family. Here is a sneak peek...

We are working on our house bit by bit and the next step is to get the foundation repaired. Hopefully that will get taken care of between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we can start doing some other much needed work on our house. First comes first, There is a saying here in Texas. "You have had your foundation worked on or you WILL have your foundation worked on." Our house has already been worked on and needs more.

Thank you Mom and Dad for a computer that seems to run at lightening speed compared to our other one. My heart is happy to be able to sit down, check email, and be done in 5 minutes, not one hour. More time for Eli!

So there is a quick update. Nothing too exciting, but an update none the less.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Chunky Punkin'

Fall Fest
Freezing at Fall Fest
More Rolls!

Lil' Punkin