Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving fun and sadness

I am so excited to get to leave for Kansas later today. I am working today and will leave about 5:00. Scott has a game in Moore, OK tonight which is next to Norman where my dear friend JoAnne lives. She is going to meet me at the game this evening and I am going to stay over at her house tonight. We can get all caught up and I will head to Mac in the morning. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby will have to stay in Fort Worth. College basketball takes presidence over family and holidays :(. Thankfully, he will be able to spend time with his mom and Jim and his family. I will get to stay until Sunday then. That will be nice to be able to spend a little bit more time witht the family. Scott is pretty sad that he doesn't get to come. He loves and I mean LOVES Andrew. He keeps a picture of he and Andrew on his nightstand from our visit to Arkansas in May. But this year, it is what it is for the holidays and we just have to make the best of it.

This past weekend we got to go to Odessa to spend time with Scott's relatives. His grandmother turned 90 years old on Sunday. She is still as perky as ever and very sweet. I have lots of pics, but will post later since I am at now. She had a little birthday gathering with some friends Saturday night and we all went to church together on Sunday morning. It was fun!

My blog on http://belliesinbloom.blogspot.com is fun today!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ya'll!~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

our house???

I should so be in bed at 12:53am, but I just returned from the hospital where I was with one of the ladies from center. I has been a long day today. I had a couple of massages this afternoon. This morning was a bit emotional with house stuff. This house buying process is going so smooth that of course it was time for a snag. More on that later as it unfolds. Let's just say, I hope we will still be moving. If it isn't meant to happen then it just isn't meant to happen.

I am looking forward to the weekend. We are headed to Odessa. Scott's grandmother is turning 90 on Sunday and we are attending the celebration. It will be good to get away. She is a sweet little lady.

We have been so busy lately. Scott and I are still having opposite schedules. And, we both work weird hours where we are home off and on during the day, but not usually at the same time. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving too. A little bit of family time will be good. Our time will be limited, but that's ok, I guess. As long as I can see everyone for a bit. And, my precious niece and nephew....love them! Life just gets too stressful sometimes.

Jenae (Heidi's sister-in-law) came over to our house tonight for a massage. She lives about 20 minutes from us. I can show her pics of my niece and nephew and be so proud and she understands because she is their aunt too! We were discussing how unfair it is that Andrew is crazier about his uncles than his aunts...it isn't fair. It's Caleb this and Daniel that.

Ok, enough rambling, time for bed. Sorry my posts have been all about work and crazy house stuff. We don't have a lot more going on than that these days.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a catch up blog

I am back! I am sure you have all been wondering.....

I have been indisposed for a while. Last week I was in Arkansas all week getting my birth and postpartum doula training. And, I have been a bit technologically impaired. It seems that a lot of my electronic devices have decided to go funky on me. If I unplug and plug them back in, they all of a sudden start to work. Well, my camera has been one of those mysteries. I finally have pictures to share after a while of none.

This picture is Scott and his dad helping to clear the bamboo stalks so we can take down the chain link fence and put a wooden fence in its place. Problem is, the bamboo has deep, deep roots and we have to rent a mini excavator in order to get that job done. So, it is on hold for the time being. We have moved inside to for now.

Thanks to the HUGE help of my parents and two of my brothers, we were able to have a work weekend the weekend of Halloween. My dad is helping us tear of the 1/4 round in this photo. Some of it is bad and needs replaced and some (like in this photo) need to be placed lower. There used to be carpet over the wood.

My parents spent a lot of time in our master bathroom. We had to clear it all out. The fixtures are fairly new, but we had to take them out in order to tear down the nasty wallpaper. We will paint the bathroom and put them back in eventually. Thankfully the house has two bathrooms, so we can move in without having this all done.

I painted trim in one of the three bedrooms. After I got done, we decided that we should to a more serious sanding job before paining anymore trip and woodwork. Before I painted this room I had to clean, sand, and wipe down the baseboards. It was a big job that took me about five hours and that was just one bedroom!

Do not try this at home, repeat, do not try this at home!! Ha ha! This is what happens when your 22 year old brother gets ahold of you! Thankfully we put his "mop" to good use at our new house.

This is what it looks like after the bamboo is all down. Too bad they had to spend one whole day figuring out that we weren't going to get a fence built. After much effort to no avail, the dirt was much to hard for an auger to drill holes for the fence posts. That will be a project for another working weekend I guess.
Thanks to JH and my wonderful hubby! They spent hours shortening the cupboard to go above the fridge so it will fit in. They are perfectionists to say the least! Thanks for the hard work fellas!

Marissa and I went to the hospital to visit our friends Cristina and Kevin who had a baby in October. Dylan is so precious!
The sweet little family.
And last but not least, my week long trip to Arkansas. I had class Monday - Friday from 8am-6pm so I didn't get to spend much time with this gang. Thank goodness we will see them at Thanksgiving. Andrew is hilarious! He was telling us all kinds of stories beginning with "once aponce a time". He was even talking in his sleep saying stories. Of course I had to stay in his room, which was ok until he developed a bit of a cold and was coughing all night long. He woke me up at a little after 6:00 one morning and said "wake up Hannah, the sun is out" to which I replied, just five more minutes please. He then said "Hannah get up, it's six dollars." See, even he was too tired still!
Lots more coming. We will be putting much effort toward the house this weekend. We have been sanding for days. I keep telling myself that sanding is good. We had to buy 44 knobs for the kitchen cabints which is good, it means STORAGE. Our kitchen right now including doors and drawers has 12 knobs...teeny tiny kitchen. Once we get all the sanding done, we can start paining again and it will feel like we are making some headway again. Scott wasn't to get all the sanding done and everything wiped down really well before we paint. I guess these things just take time. I will try and keep an update of pictures. It is fun to remodel!

Night everyone, thanks for patiently waiting for my blog. I am busy these day. Oh, there are babies being born too, but that will have to wait until another blog on another day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a change of time

The doula segmant on The Today's Show will be on next Thursday. They apparently had a change of plans.

My doula training is wearing me out! It is fun though. I sure am learning a lot. I have decided to hold out on the Bradley class I was going to start taking next week. It is a twelve week class and I want to be done sooner than that. I am going to take Lamaze starting in December. It is only four weeks and I can take it and get it out of the way. It wasn't my first choice, but I have too much going on right now to make a commitment to Bradley time wise or monetarily. The lady at Harris Methodist will let me sit on on the Lamaze for free as long as I don't contribute to the class....ask questions at take up the time that is. It is really for pregnant couples anyway. They can't have a doula in training taking up the class time after all! :)

Scott's team had their fist game tonight. I haven't heard how they did yet. They play Oklahoma Christian on Saturday in OKC at OC's homecoming. I am going to go on my way home. I only have one friend that I really keep up with that I went to school there with. She went for only a year and I went for just two years. I seem to get mailings and calls for money still.

I am tired. I have to go to bed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

doulas are famous

On Thursday, November 6th at 8:05 a.m. (barring any post election coverage) there is going to be a segment on The Today's Show (NBC) about doulas and what we do! I thought that was a pretty cool thing and I hope you get to see it. I will not be able to watch it myself, but maybe I can get a taping of it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

the house

My parents have been here since Thursday night and we have been working non-stop on the house. I have a lot of pictures, but my computer is acting up so I need to share them later. We got a lot of sanding and painting done. The guys started working on the wooden fence, but hit a snag with bamboo and the project has been put on hold. The guys reworked some kitchen shelving and cabinets for me. The fridge wasn't going to fit in the short space so they shortened the cabinet about the fridge. Mom and I cleaned the kitchen and some other rooms. They gutted the master bath and we are doing the walls over. The toilet and sink are fairly new so they will be good. We took all 44 drawers and doors off the kitchen cabinets. That is a lot more storage than the 14 cabinets we have now. There is a lot to do, but we have put a dent in it. We move in in one month and I am nervous how we are going to get it all done. I have to get packed up and moved, plus finish a lot of work before we can even move anything over. I will share the photos when I return next week.

I am leaving tomorrow for a week long doula training in Arkansas. I am going to stay with Heidi. I am pretty excited about it, but I haven't gotten all my reading done before my class. I will have to try and catch up throughout the week.

Have a good week! I will try and keep a better update during the week. I have been slacking a bit in my blog posting, sorry, just too busy!

my first video

I am just learning how to do videos, so I added this one to the blog. Heidi may not like all the pictures I selected, but it is a trial. :)