Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby R - 33 weeks and more house projects

So, what have we been up to? Trying to get ready for a baby and working daily on little (or big) house projects.

Remember from one of my previous posts that we had an uninvited critter in our house while we were away? It hung around for a month. Turns out it was a RAT! Opening up walls and disturbing its habitat apparently brought it inside our house for snacks and comfort. For a bit we thought it was a squirrel, then a mouse, but then after several weeks of trying to catch it in a cage or mouse trap to no avail, we put a rat trap in the attic. Not 30 minutes after putting it up, we had a dead critter on our hands. That heavy duty rat trap snapped its neck right in half. We could hear it writhing around trying to die for a bit and all I could do was laugh while Scott sprinted upstairs. Then I heard him beating it to death with a board, saying "die you stupid idiot!" I don't normally encourage that kind of talk around Baby R, but I'm sorry, I didn't feel sorry for it. That's what you get for coming into my house! After much disinfecting and sanitizing, I think I am finally feeling a little less violated in my own space.

Yes, yes, it's true, I am growing a baby whale! But, I am feeling great! During the past several weeks I had been dealing with round ligament pain, but it has seemed to have dissipated for now. I am getting weekly chiropractic adjustments to keep all lined up. Baby R is constantly moving around and growing. I had an appointment with the midwives last week. Everything checked out just perfectly. Baby is head down and pushes off the right side to stick its little booty out on the left. The kid has some strength. We folded hand-me-down and some new baby cloths last night. I put Scott in charge of folding the socks. We are pretty sure some of those socks would barely fit on his big toe! I am looking forward to fixing the antique dresser that a friend gave us so that we can put these cloths away. Sounds like a weekend project....amongst many others, including painting the baby's room and putting the shelf back together under the kitchen sink where they tore it out to do the plumbing several months ago. I have gotten used to living in a bit of disarray around here.
Daddy R has been keeping busy other such house projects too. He installed Baby R's closet system. We finally got the right paint delivered today after waiting more a couple of months. This weekend he is going to paint while I enjoy friends and fun at another baby shower.
He was also very proud of himself for installing a vent in the living room ceiling this morning. He is working in the attic to get the air flow and duct work just perfect before we put the flooring back down up there. It is at least 10 degrees warmer upstairs than down. My massage room is upstairs and I am quite sure it is getting to the upper 80's while I work. Dripping wet is not a good feeling to have while giving a massage. I think once Baby R's room gets painted, I will move back downstairs to work through May until I cannot do massage any longer before the baby comes.
I got inspired and started making more baby shoes again. A few for friends and I am sure Baby R will end up with a few as well. I also found some cute new and easier patterns that I am going to try too.
Well, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

birthdays, weddings, and showers....oh my!

Last week Scott turned 32! Thankfully he says he still feels like he's in his 20's. Don't wan him feeling too old to be chasing after Baby R.

Saturday we went to Tulsa to a wedding for a friend I went to college with at Oklahoma Christian. I hadn't seen her in 7 years. It was really fun to see each other again. So much life has happened between now and then.

My sister and friend, Katie, hosted a shower for me on Sunday. I felt so truly blessed. Some of the guests brought a blessing bead to share. Each bead or charm on this string represents a blessing shared by my cherished friends. I can wear this in labor to feel supported by the women in my life or while breastfeeding for the baby to play with.

Heidi made a delicious carrot cake that said We (heart) Baby! (and many other tasty foods) The cake had pink frosting! Yummy! And, we recycled "It's A Girl" plates from her shower a couple of years ago. It will be funny if Baby R is a boy. By the way...have you voted yet? Under my baby ticker is a poll. Curious as to what you think Baby R is..Boy OR Girl???

Katie and Jessica (college roommates from U of A).

An exhausted Mommy and sick baby Joely after the shower. I got to use my new ear thermometer to take Joely's temperature. Poor thing had a fever and really didn't care at all for getting her temp taken, but the thermometer sure is cool!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Baby R gifts

Thanks to many family and friends, Baby R will not be without! We were so excited to receive a Pack N Play from Scott's cousin that we decided to set it up that night. Then we realized we still had two and a half months to go and we packed it pack up for now. Thanks to all who have sent us gifts. We feel so blessed!

This past weekend we went to Arkansas to celebrate my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. The actual date is August 1st, but my cousin and I are having babies this summer and this was a more convenient time for everyone. We stayed in some very nice cabins and lucked out with wonderful weather. There were 4 wheeler rides (which I unfortunately could not participate in), hiking, biking (or extreme biking if you look closer at my sisters road rash), an awesome mega Easter egg hunt, Bingo, Easter stories, and so much more!

Bingo was scheduled for 6:30 on Saturday night. Joely won twice and picked out two bunnies. One was just about the size of her! She obviously loves them.
Andrew won this toy and I believe several others. Grandma sure brought enough for everyone to win something!
Jacob and Joely playing peek-a-boo with the bunnies.
Grandma shared the Easter story on her felt boards. Andrew listened very intently and wanted more stories after she was done.
Heidi lovin' on her baby girl.
Jacob and Joely being crazy. This is what happens to a little girl's hair after playing hard with cousins and family all day.
My cousin, Sarah, and I are 6 weeks apart. She is due in late July. We shared bump stories. We are both going to be surprised by the gender. That will be so fun!
Joely trying to catch some bubbles!
Henry and Erica are drawing a picture to put in the scrapbook for Grandpa and Grandma.
Heidi and Andrew are doing the same.
A very nice picture of my grandparents with their four children.
And, one with all the grandchildren and their spouses and children.
And, two of my brothers with their nephew.
My cousin, Joanna, with her precious little guy, Elijah.
The crazy Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza! Note to self: Next year don't let your sister hide Easter Eggs...the hunt will last forever! Scott and I did however make out with two of the three eggs that had $$$ in them! Go Reasoners!!!
When we arrived home last night, we discovered that some sort of critter must have been in our house while we were away. It had chewed up the hot pad hanging on the island and tore a tiny hole in a bag of rice in the pantry. I am feeling slightly violated! We think it must have been a mouse (EWWW!!!) because it wasn't bit enough to set off the alarm. So strange....