Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do you believe? A few days ago we were at my in-laws and they have a decorative sign on the wall that says believe. I looked at it really closely and this is what I saw...bELIeve. Wow. So many emotions come with thinking about this. My little Eli was definitely prayed for a lot and I believed and trusted that God would send us a perfect little angel. I could not have asked for a more precious baby. We are so blessed.

I enjoy motherhood. And that is just what it is. Motherhood. My child is active, curious, and very bright if I may say so myself. He keeps me on my toes. It is a 24/7 commitment and I love every moment. When we go on walks, I load his wagon or stroller with toys, but he would rather people watch and observe what is going on all around us. It never ceases to amaze me how curious he has become.

Here is a brief synopsis of my new every day sayings:
"Nope, little punkin, that is dangerous."
"No, that is Mommy's."
"Don't get too close to the edge, you will fall."
"If you climb on that, you could get hurt."
"That is going to poke your eye out."
"Oh, yucky, we don't put that in our mouth."
"No, sweetie, that is Daddy's."
"No, those are for Christmas."

In short, we are learning the word "NO". Sometimes "no" is a funny word to him. I try and make it as non-humorous as possible so he understand no is associated with danger. Eye contact is key.

My next post will be a recap of the year. Overall it has been a wonderful and blessed year. But, we have had some sorrow as well. After Eli was born was one of the most difficult times we have experienced. We were dealing with the adjustment of a new baby, my physical, emotional, and hormonal recovery, and the job search for Scott. I can't listen to a particular musical toy of Eli's that we used to play at night when he was first born. It brings me to tears. It is interesting how little things can make bring about such strong emotions. It is hard to have memories like that because it was just a joyous time in our lives as well as such a difficult one too. I am so thankful to be past that difficult season of our lives.

This Christmas is our first as a family of three and the first Christmas that we are not completely stressed about how we will be able to enjoy gift giving without braking the bank. And, we have already started creating Christmas traditions. One of them we stole from an old Holthus family tradition of cruising around in pjs and looking at Christmas lights. One that created two years ago was going to Christmas Eve service and then out to dinner. This year we are adding more traditions now that we have a wee one. We are looking forward to Christmas morning. I am sure that it won't take long for Eli to figure out that ripping paper is AWESOME!

I hear stirring. Back to motherhood.

Love and Christmas Blessing to you and your family!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

life lesson on pee

Eli is a big ball of energy these days. If he sees something shiny, fuzzy...you name it, he is after it. The more dangerous the object the more "fun" it must be! He put nail clippers in his mouth today. First of all, gross, second of all where was I when he got a hold of these. Right next to him is my answer. Nothing is safe. He has figured out how to scoot fast. I can barely keep up with him anymore.

His new thing is to roll around naked and free on the 1000 thread count sheets, pick up things with his mouth, and growl. Then he pees. I call him Eli the doggie. At this moment, I wish I was in bed. But the sheets are yet again in the wash. I obviously haven't learned my lesson...until now anyway.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home "Eco"-nomics

If I remember correctly, my 7th grade class was the last class in middle school to have home ec classes. Those classes taught basic sewing and cooking skills. They were replaced with technology class. Although, obviously much needed in our ever changing techo world, it seems that sewing, some cooking skills, and other aspects of home care have become a lost art. Back in the day, sewing used to be cheaper than buying your own clothes and fast food wasn't conveniently handed to you out of a drive thru in less than 14 seconds. Needless to say we just don't see people knowing how to care for their home and health anymore.

As we move into and era of more earth conscious, eco-friendly awareness, I have decided to restore home ec classes, teaching "Home 'ECO'-nomics" and combining many important life skills with an eco flair.

Click on picture to link to the facebook page.

All through my school years I did 4-H. Around here, I rarely hear of kids in 4-H. I learned many life skills in 4-H. I started sewing at age seven thanks to my mother who sparked my interest. I took cooking and crafting classes too. There were numerous friends of my mother's and women in the community that dedicated their time to teach 4-H classes. I can bake delicious whole wheat bread and other goodies thanks to these women. But, in the end sewing seemed to be my thing. Every summer I would take on a newer, more difficult and daunting project. My mother dedicated a lot of her time and wisdom to helping me learn to sew. The dining room table often became our creative station filled with sewing supplies and tailoring books. By the end of my 4-H career when I graduated high school, I had made several wool tailored outfits including a long double breasted, felted wool coat, a wedding dress and four bridesmaids dresses. Texas is much too warm for a lot of fancy wool outfits so they don't get worn much these days, but some of them still still fit and when I go to Kansas I try them on for grins. I miss my 4-H days.

In high school I worked at a fabric store and taught a children's sewing class. And, one summer as a nanny to another 4-H family, I helped those young girls get their projects ready for the fair. Good times.

Because I am so grateful that someone took the time to teach me these things, I want to pass these skills to others so they can learn at least the simple techniques of how to sew on a button or fix a hem!

Along with the sewing and cooking and in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, I plan to have some classed dedicated to making inexpensive, chemical free home cleaning and self care products that are healthy for your body and your home. I love this. I make my own and feel safe knowing my small baby and my family aren't ingesting harmful toxins that fill the air while cleaning and bathing in harsh chemicals.

Yay for Home "Eco"-nomics!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas cheer and baby clothes for sale

Sometimes I am a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas. I wish I could hire someone to transform my home at Christmas time to a lovely picture from a magazine. I love the holidays. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and family time. I don't love putting up the decor and taking it down a month later. Thankfully Scott is in full swing to get the decorations out and up this weekend and I am going to happily go along with it for the joy of the season.

I have been toiling over what a 6 month old would enjoy for Christmas. My parents got him a wagon which I am totally stoked about. I cannot wait to take Eli for rides around the neighborhood in a little red wagon. Scott and I have agreed to the gift of house projects as presents to one another this Christmas. Thus, the tree will be a bit bare this year. Eli doesn't need a lot of "stuff". He is truly happy to play with the juicer parts and empty oatmeal cartons. I am hoping to evade the plastic toys for my baby as he grows. It makes the earth happier it is better for all of us. We are loving books too and my sister gave him a cute fair trade froggy hat. LOVE THAT!

And, in business news....

My website is slowly but surely coming along. Should be ready to hit the cyber world on 1/1/11!

Here are a few samples for sale so far:

The photo is taken of the back the the pants in these photos. The back side has a bottom patch as seen in the photos, the front does not.
Handcrafted Reversible Red and Khaki Striped Woven Cotton Pants - 9 months - $15

Handcrafted Reversible Green and Black Woven Corduroy and Canvas Pants - 6 months - $15

Felted Navy Shoes with Green Crosshatching - fits approx. 3-9 months - $20

(sorry for the poor quality photos - I am working on that)

I am currently taking custom orders for Christmas if you need/want any shoes or pants for boys or girls let me know asap.

LOVE to you!