Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home "Eco"-nomics

If I remember correctly, my 7th grade class was the last class in middle school to have home ec classes. Those classes taught basic sewing and cooking skills. They were replaced with technology class. Although, obviously much needed in our ever changing techo world, it seems that sewing, some cooking skills, and other aspects of home care have become a lost art. Back in the day, sewing used to be cheaper than buying your own clothes and fast food wasn't conveniently handed to you out of a drive thru in less than 14 seconds. Needless to say we just don't see people knowing how to care for their home and health anymore.

As we move into and era of more earth conscious, eco-friendly awareness, I have decided to restore home ec classes, teaching "Home 'ECO'-nomics" and combining many important life skills with an eco flair.

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All through my school years I did 4-H. Around here, I rarely hear of kids in 4-H. I learned many life skills in 4-H. I started sewing at age seven thanks to my mother who sparked my interest. I took cooking and crafting classes too. There were numerous friends of my mother's and women in the community that dedicated their time to teach 4-H classes. I can bake delicious whole wheat bread and other goodies thanks to these women. But, in the end sewing seemed to be my thing. Every summer I would take on a newer, more difficult and daunting project. My mother dedicated a lot of her time and wisdom to helping me learn to sew. The dining room table often became our creative station filled with sewing supplies and tailoring books. By the end of my 4-H career when I graduated high school, I had made several wool tailored outfits including a long double breasted, felted wool coat, a wedding dress and four bridesmaids dresses. Texas is much too warm for a lot of fancy wool outfits so they don't get worn much these days, but some of them still still fit and when I go to Kansas I try them on for grins. I miss my 4-H days.

In high school I worked at a fabric store and taught a children's sewing class. And, one summer as a nanny to another 4-H family, I helped those young girls get their projects ready for the fair. Good times.

Because I am so grateful that someone took the time to teach me these things, I want to pass these skills to others so they can learn at least the simple techniques of how to sew on a button or fix a hem!

Along with the sewing and cooking and in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, I plan to have some classed dedicated to making inexpensive, chemical free home cleaning and self care products that are healthy for your body and your home. I love this. I make my own and feel safe knowing my small baby and my family aren't ingesting harmful toxins that fill the air while cleaning and bathing in harsh chemicals.

Yay for Home "Eco"-nomics!


Budgets are the New Black said...

Such a great, needed idea, Hannah. Your business ventures are all about your passions helping others, and that is why you will do so well. So excited for you!

Anne and Joel said...

I wish I lived closer because I would love to take sewing lessons from you! What a great idea!