Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas cheer and baby clothes for sale

Sometimes I am a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas. I wish I could hire someone to transform my home at Christmas time to a lovely picture from a magazine. I love the holidays. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and family time. I don't love putting up the decor and taking it down a month later. Thankfully Scott is in full swing to get the decorations out and up this weekend and I am going to happily go along with it for the joy of the season.

I have been toiling over what a 6 month old would enjoy for Christmas. My parents got him a wagon which I am totally stoked about. I cannot wait to take Eli for rides around the neighborhood in a little red wagon. Scott and I have agreed to the gift of house projects as presents to one another this Christmas. Thus, the tree will be a bit bare this year. Eli doesn't need a lot of "stuff". He is truly happy to play with the juicer parts and empty oatmeal cartons. I am hoping to evade the plastic toys for my baby as he grows. It makes the earth happier it is better for all of us. We are loving books too and my sister gave him a cute fair trade froggy hat. LOVE THAT!

And, in business news....

My website is slowly but surely coming along. Should be ready to hit the cyber world on 1/1/11!

Here are a few samples for sale so far:

The photo is taken of the back the the pants in these photos. The back side has a bottom patch as seen in the photos, the front does not.
Handcrafted Reversible Red and Khaki Striped Woven Cotton Pants - 9 months - $15

Handcrafted Reversible Green and Black Woven Corduroy and Canvas Pants - 6 months - $15

Felted Navy Shoes with Green Crosshatching - fits approx. 3-9 months - $20

(sorry for the poor quality photos - I am working on that)

I am currently taking custom orders for Christmas if you need/want any shoes or pants for boys or girls let me know asap.

LOVE to you!


Lori said...

Such a cute header! You look like such a happy mama.

Jerilyn said...

cute clothes!

Budgets are the New Black said...

Oh, Hannah. You are so talented! I wish you all the luck in your newest venture. I'm going to a craft fair tomorrow to see a friend of mine who's touting her wares for the first time: felted wool blankets; scarves; hats; gloves... Such beautiful, functional art! I feel so blessed to know so many talented, crafty people!

Michelle said...

The clothes are so cute. And even the shoes are beautiful. You did a great job. Thanks for posting it.

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