Friday, January 14, 2011

my baby isn't a baby anymore

It is 10:45pm. Daddy and LB are snuggled in bed. My house look like a storm blew in from the north, but I don't care because this is the only time I have had to myself all day. The dishes from dinner are a foot high in the sink and there are three loads of laundry piled on the couch that can wait until.....well, I really don't know when.

You see, these days I spend most of my time catching my child and protecting him from hitting his head one too many times on the tile floor. We have a nearly seven month old going on three year old. He is a teething, crawling, climbing, talking, crazy little guy and at the end of the day we are both exhausted. Then, we get up and do it all over again. LB has eight teeth and still exclusively breastfeeds. I have tried to feed him bananas, rice cereal, butternut squash, pears, apples, and sweet potatoes. Let's just say he is less than enthused about solids. Every time I warm up a frozen cube of organic, homemade food made with love by my own two hands, he seems to care less. Two bites and he is finished. I have decided not to waste our time with that right now. No need to force feed him at this point. He is perfectly happy with mommy's milk every 2-3 hours.

Last week he learned how to go from army crawling to full on hands and knees racing. Then the next day he dared to try and pull up, then the next day he decided to walk along the couch, and the day after that he thought he could let go of whatever he had pulled himself up on. That is where the crashing comes into play. We had to have a heart to heart that six and a half months old aren't ready for that stuff yet. He wants to walk so badly, but he can't balance and his legs aren't quite that sturdy yet.

I love kisses. Slobbery, wet kisses. Sometimes I think I go a little overboard with kissing LB. What is a mommy to do with such a sweet angel though. Kisses, kisses, kisses. LB has learned to kiss too. He will grab my face and pull it and give me a big, slobbery, messy, wet kiss on my face anywhere he can plant it and I absolutely feel like the best mommy in the world when he does this. Love is in this house no doubt. I am glad my child knows this one thing for sure.

Sometimes I read facebook posts of moms who have more than one kid and think to myself "ya, right, like they really have time to do all that". I mean, really, I maybe and I mean maybe have time to unload the silverware from the dishwasher before he has scurried over to "help" me. I try not to be "that mom" who freaks out about everywhere he goes, everything he is getting into. But, I would be lying if I said that corners of dishwashers and drawers with plastic wrap in them don't worry me a tad bit. Usually I let him roam all over. I have put the poisonous plants and breakable dishes out of reach. But, when he pulls up on things he sometimes loses grip and slams his face into the couch, cabinet, name it. Most of the time he comes out unscathed. I have perfected the quick mommy reflexes to catch most of his falls.

But, I love motherhood and wouldn't change it for anything. The good things far outweigh the exhaustion and overwhelming days that come with the package. He is ALL boy and I love everything about him!

By now, I was hoping to have my website up. I am selling slings and really wanting to start advertising my services online and get that all going. But, after a conference call with my web guys last weekend, it looks like we are reworking quite a bit of things so it will still be a while before I share my site with the world. It's going to be great when it is all finished though.

Looks like all the time I am going to get for myself today before I head to bed myself *yawn*.


Kassandra Villarreal said...

I know exactly how you feel my daughter is almost two and i can still seem to imagine her growing up and not being a little baby anymore. Through the first two years of her life they have gave me soemthing no one truly knows how it feel she gave me the feeling of motherhood. I thank God each and everyday for her she is truly my blessing in disguise.

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